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WAM Moscow SAVECO Division

Step Screens VTR


Step Screens 1
Step Screens 2
Step Screens 3
VTR Step Screens are used for Fine Screening in both municipal and industrial waste water treatment plants. 
Separation of non-biodegradable solids, floating and inorganic substances
Separation of non-biodegradable solids, floating and inorganic substances
Self-cleaning screen due to mobile lamellae
Self-cleaning screen due to mobile lamellae
Low maintenance costs
Low maintenance costs

Technical Specs


VTR Step Screens, designed for in-channel installation, are used for fine screening of waste water.
They consist of two sets of lamellae - a mobile and a fixed one - which are separated by 3 or 6 mm spacing. The special arrangement of the lamellae forms filtering steps.
Step Screens


Waste water is screened while the lamellae steps withhold the screenings. Throughout the operation the mobile lamellae lift the screenings step by step until they are dropped off on the fixed lamellae. The inorganic particles in the waste water flow are withheld by the screen forming a “screenings mat”. In this way, the water level upstream rises making the filter surface wider while the “screenings mat” on the screen keeps increasingly finer particles.
As soon as the upstream water level reaches a set height, the screen starts its cycle rising up a step.
During the cycle, the mobile lamellae lift screenings onto the next step until they reach the outlet for discharge.


  • Different sizes up to 1,800 mm wide available
  • Discharge height from 1,400 up to 3,500 mm
  • 3 and 6 mm spacing available
  • 55 degree incline angle


  • Self-cleaning
  • High capture efficiency of fine solids, inorganic and floating particles
  • Savings in operating costs, maintenance and operator attendance


  • Alternative screen types and sizes
  • Material 304 L / 316 L SS
  • Alternative voltage and frequency
  • Alternative degree of motor protection
  • Control panel



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Latest edition: December 2019
Code: 203001139
Latest edition: December 2018
Code: 203001326
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